What is NM CASJ?

NM CASJ is an organization of counselors who believe social justice and advocacy are critical to the counseling profession, de-stigmatization of mental health, community healing, and creating an equitable society through systemic change.

Our Mission

The mission of CASJ, acting in accord with NMCA and CSJ, is to promote social justice by doing the following:

Promoting a consciousness of social justice through inclusive dialogue within the counseling profession

Contributing to the process of developing personal and professional competencies in advocacy and social justice

Fostering individual, family, and community wellness within cultural contexts

Engaging in mutual and equitable relationships that cultivate communication and collaboration among communities through outreach and networking.

Providing a proactive and non-violent presence in the challenge to generate social consciousness within oppressive systems.

Supporting professional development and leadership through mentoring.

Creating an inclusive culture which means allowing for anonymous comments at each meeting, allowing for an atmosphere where culturally unique and opinionated voices can be heard.